GENERAL THEME:  Romantic fiction, women’s fiction with a romantic edge, romantic chick lit, fantasy and science fiction.  The story may be written in any time period: contemporary, historical, futuristic, or in an imaginary world where time, as we know it, does not apply.  In other words, just about anything that would appeal to the romance reader. Think magazines like Women’s Day.  Each story should be self-contained. Please read the stories posted on this site to get an idea of suggested content and type. You may recognize the name of a published romance writer when you read Love Me Tender.

LENGTH:  The preferred length for any single piece is 1,000 words.  (That's about five double-spaced typewritten pages.)  If you have a longer story that might be better presented in episodes, try to separate the action into chapters that fit the 1,000-word rule.  Also, email before you submit, as everything has to be edited, formatted and posted.  Please spell check your work.  My goal is to publish a short story every other week.

CONTENT:  There is no content filter on this site.  In order to protect readers under the age of 18, submissions containing explicit sex, pornography, or curse words will not be posted.

PRIVACY:  You may write under a pseudonym or pen name.  If you wish to have your email address attached to your writing, please obtain an anonymous email account on one of the free sites like hotmail or yahoo.

COPYRIGHT: Your written work remains yours.  If you get a chance to sell in a paying market, Magnolia Magic Magazine will remove your submission as soon as you submit an email request for removal.  The piece will then be removed as soon as it is humanly possible to do so.

COMPENSATION:  At this time, Magnolia Magic Magazine Fiction is a voluntary submission venture.  Therefore, if you submit something, you will not be paid for it.   This isn’t an effort to fleece you or make money off the sweat of your creative brow.   Consider it a forum for people who share an interest in the subject matter.   Magnolia Magic Magazine Fiction only requests the right to reproduce your piece on the site; thus freeing the contributor to use the work in any way he/she sees fit.   Everything else about the submission will be your property.   Consider it an opportunity for positive exposure to people with similar interests, and a great way to get feedback for your efforts.

REJECTION:  Magnolia Magic Magazine Fiction will post only the best.  If you send something in and it doesn't make the cut, please don't be offended.   I assure you that pieces will be reviewed fairly, and if they aren't quite what we're looking for, then some effort will be made to let you know why.   Granted, it may not be possible to give you a thorough criticism due to time constraints, but we'll do what we can.   The best professionals have had to go through the process of submission and rejection until their work was the best it could be, and that's part of the dynamic we're hoping to create here.

SENDING YOUR SUBMISSION:  To send the submission, simply cut and paste the text into the body of an e-mail message. This erases all doubt as to whether we can accept the word processor format of the story in question.

PLAGIARISM: Just a few words on the subject. Plagiarism is a CRIME. Should your work be accepted for posting on Magnolia Magic Magazine, you will be asked to cut and paste the following in the email containing your submission.

"I hereby represent and warrant to the publisher of Magnolia Magic Magazine that the Work is free and clear of any counts of libel, plagiarism, breach of privacy or misrepresentation of facts. The Work does not infringe upon any copyright or proprietary right, common law or statutory law, and does not contain any material of libelous nature. The Work is not in the public domain and the Author is the sole owner and copyright holder of the work with full power to enter into this agreement. The Work has not been previously published in whole or part, and the Author currently holds all copyrights to the Work and is legally permitted to enter into this agreement. The Author releases Magnolia Magic Magazine from any responsibilities relating to any legal actions incurred by the contents of the Work or the Author."

That’s it!  Thanks for looking over the guidelines.  I hope you’re interested in sending in your short story for the reading enjoyment of Magnolia Magic Magazine visitors.   With the participation of enthusiastic readers and writers, the site is sure to be a winner.   Now, don’t just sit there -- get creative!


Nita Shoemaker


Magnolia Magic Magazine